Electric Toothbrush or Manual Toothbrush, Which is better?

Our dentists recommend to brush our teeth regularly most especially every after meal or 3 (three) times a day. This is the best or ideal oral hygiene.



There are two kinds of toothbrushes that you can find in the market, the electric and the manual toothbrush. Which one do you prefer? Or which one do professional dentists recommend?



The electric toothbrush is battery powered that vibrates to clean the teeth and gums. While of course, manual toothbrush, you do the brushing.



You can use any of the toothbrushes (electric or manual) as long as it does not damage your teeth and gums. 


Why Do We Need Toothbrush

We use toothbrush regularly to keep our teeth clean. We use brushing techniques that our dentists teach us to keep our teeth thoroughly clean. Toothbrush has been used for years already and inventors nowadays improve toothbrushes to provide us a better way to clean our teeth. Some would improve the bristles, etc. 


Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

How do you keep or store your toothbrush? Some people would just leave their toothbrush in cups. Yeah sure, this is an easy way to store your toothbrush but don’t you find it gross? Later on, you’ll see molds or plaque that were build up at the tip of the handle. Just think of the germs that stays in your toothbrush.

There are toothbrush holder or toothbrush stand that you can use that can really hold the toothbrush firmly.

We are using toothbrush to keep our teeth clean. So you also need to keep your toothbrush clean. 



Find out why toothbrush is very important and the types of toothbrush that you can use.


Do you know that toothbrush has very important parts that we should know? Find out how every part cleans our teeth.


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Parts of toothbrush